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Using web-mapping technology, it overlays many types of information on one map and, where available, provides links to relevant websites. All information on this site is protected by copyright unless we say otherwise.
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Mapping Copyright

Ordnance Survey (opens in a new window) provides all of the mapping on this site under licence to Derbyshire County Council. Mapping is provided only for the purpose of making partnership information available in the public domain.

Anyone wishing to use the mapping information held on this site for their own use must make their own separate arrangements with Ordnance Survey. Any unauthorised use will infringe Crown Copyright and may lead to prosecution or civil proceedings. Crown copyright and database rights 2015. Ordnance Survey 100023251.

Point X Copyright
Certain information used on this site is obtained under licence from PointX (opens in a new window) Ltd, as shown in the "data provider" field. PointX Database Right/Copyright, Thomson Directories Limited Copyright Link Interchange Network Limited Database Right/Copyright and Ordnance Survey Copyright and/or Database Right. All rights reserved. Licence number 10034829.
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